Probability Prompt: Psychic Powers

A reasonable probability is the only certainty. – E.W. Howe

1. You and your tablemates have 5 minutes to respond to the prompt.
2. Check for spelling, please.
3. When responding to a prompt, use first names only and include the period.
4. If another group has made a comment, feel free to comment if you agree or disagree.
Note: You must include the email address of one person in your table group. Otherwise it will not accept your comment. Your address will not be published. No website address is required.

Psychic Powers Prompt
To test for psychic powers, ESP, there is a scientifically recognized test that is used. A person mentally transmits a picture on a card to a person believed to have ESP.
Margaret believes she has extraordinary psychic powers and takes the test. She gets a 5 out of 5.

Does this prove that she is psychic? Explain. If not, what could you do to verify that she has “special powers?”


  1. heather,andy,Jay, Jamie said

    no because she could be smart or be lucky. She should take the test acouple more times and see if she gets all those right. if she does she’s maybe physcic

  2. Ms. Rebecca Newburn said

    Would she always need to get 100% correct? If she took the test 200 times and got 80% correct would she most likely have “special powers?”

    Also check punctuation. Last time I checked, sentences started with capital letters and ended with periods. 🙂

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