Probability Prompt: Positive Cards

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Positive Cards Prompt
You are playing the integer card game with a friend. Red cards represent negative numbers and blacks are positive numbers. Recall there are 52 cards in a deck. If you each flip over a card, what is the probability that both cards will be positive? Explain your reasoning.


  1. Kim, Ivy, Izzy, Jeannine said

    There is a 1/4 chance that you will flip over both positive cards because there are 4 possible combinations, positive-positive, positive-negative, negative-negative, and negative-positive. Each combination has one chance out of 4 combinations. Therefor there is a 1/4 chance.

    -Kim, Ivy, Izzy, Jeannine period 4 math 7*

  2. casey,noah,michael, courtney said

    If you have a deck of cards there is four different options that you could have. 1: red black 2:black red 3: black black 4: red red. If you want black black the probability is 1/4.

  3. Max said

    If You divide 52 by 4 you get 13 which means it is a 25%chance you will get black and black.

  4. Phina, Matt, Milena said

    The chance you will get a red card and another red card is 25% because there are four possibilities.

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