Writing Prompt: GCF & LCM

Explain the difference between the greatest common factor (GCF) & least common multiple (LCM). Use the numbers 6 & 8 in your explanation.


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  2. Noey said

    I liked it a lot and it helped me.

  3. Jonah said

    The answer to GCF is 2 because it is the greatest number that both 6 and 8 can be divide evenly by. 6/2=3 and 8/2=4.

    The answer to LCD is 24 because it is the smallest number that both 6 and 8 are factors of. 6 x 4=24 and 8 x 3=24 also.

  4. Kit said

    The LCM is when two numbers have the same number when they are mult. by two.
    The GCF is the biggest number that goes into those two numbers.
    EX. 8= 8, 16, 24
    6= 6, 12, 18, 24
    The Answer is “24”

  5. Mandy said

    The GCF is the greatest common factore, which is the highest number, and when multiplied, equals the given number. The LCM is the least common multiple, which is the lowest common multiple of the given number.
    GCF Ex. Greatest Common Factor=2
    LCM Ex. Least Common Multiple=24

  6. Jessye said

    The GCF is the largest factor that two or more numbers share. The LCM is the least common multiple of two or more numbers.
    GCF ex. 6= 1,2,3,6
    8= 1,2,4,8
    GCF is 2
    LCM ex. 6= 6,18,24
    8= 8,16,24
    LCM is 24

  7. Mariana said

    Thanks,You guys helped me. (;

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