Robotics: Thanks Kiddo & Mr. MacDonald

We got a grant from Kiddo to do robotics!

Toward the end of the year all 7th graders will be working in teams to build robots as part of a unit on ratios and speed, but you don’t have to wait until May to learn about robotics. Join the MVMS Robotics Team, which will meet Wednesdays and Fridays from 7:30-8:30 a.m. starting January 10th. If you’re interested, pick up an application from Mr. MacDonald or me. Applications are due December 20th. The team also needs people interested in grant writing, building a website and filming a documentary.

Maybe you’re interested but you aren’t a morning person… then check out these websites about robotics:
JPL-NASA Robotics
Tech Museum of Innovation
US First
Robotics Nasa
Lego MindStorm Robots (Check out the videos of robots in action!)

Thanks Kiddo and Mr. MacDonald!

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