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Hubble Space Telescope: The Most Important Image Ever Taken

This  beautiful video talks about the most important image ever taken by humanity.

For more amazing photos from the Hubble Space Telescope, including beautiful screen savers, go to Looking at these magnificent pictures can open you heart and remind you that you are a part of this glorious Universe.


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Mouth Revolution Video

I just got an email from my friend, Ms. Erica Priggen, who does film production. Her latest project was with Free Range Graphics, the people who created Store Wars and The Meatrix. The film is called The Mouth Revolution and I added it to the video clips on the Ecological Footprint Education site. You’ll understand how it got it’s unusual title when you see it. He!He!

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Fractions to Decimals Song

Here’s a Math 7 classic song, “Fractions to Decimals.” Feel free to sing along at home.

The key to changing fractions to decimals is that you need to understand what the decimals mean. For example, 0.9 is 9 tenths, 0.07 is 7 hundredths and  0.103 is one hundred three thousandths. If you’re not solid with this skill, come in and get help.

Decimals to Fractions Song
Decimals to Fractions
Decimals to Fractions
Say it. Write it. Simplify it.

– Sing to “We Will We Will Rock You” by Queen
Lyrics by Yours Truly, Ms. Newburn

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Global Warming and Future Possibility Videos

A friend sent me a video that Leonardo diCaprio made about global warming. I added this video and the one from Renew US to the ecological footprint website. Check it out.

While you’re on the website, fill in the number of planets it would take if there were 6.5 billion of you.

Remember to put on a sweater and turn the heat down a bit.

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Exponents: Zero, Evaluating & Negative Exponents

Here is a video explaining why any number to the zero power is equal to one.

Careful: -2^0 = -1.

You may also be interested in watching this video by Nutshell Math on exponents and using substitution and evaluating expressions that have exponents.

Here is another explanation of negative exponents. We’ll be covering more on negative exponents next week. It’s a good idea to watch the video to get a preview.

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Global Warming Video and a New Possibility for the Future

I found this video about global warming. It’s by the same folks who did Store Wars and the Meatrix. Do you like it?  Do you think it would be helpful for other kids to see? If so, let me know and I will post it to the Ecological Footprint website.

I’ve also made some other great additions to the Ecological Footprint website that I think you’ll appreciate:
1.  Quick polls – Tell others how many planets we’d need if there were 6.5 billion people consuming like you.
2.  Cool Friends Recycle Party – Learn what and how to throw a cool friends recycle party.
3.  Food and Your Ecological Footprint – Additional information about how your food choices impact your ecological footprint are now available. Make sure you read about the impact of eating tomatoes versus beef. You’ll be shocked!

You can post your comments here or directly on the Squidoo Ecological Footprint lens.

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Support the Robotics Team

The MVMS Robotics Team is selling t-shirts for a $20 donation. Bigger donations are welcome. The t-shirts are white and have “MVMS Robotics Team” printed on the front. On the back is a very cool drawing by Hendrick and his mom of a redwood tree with a robot standing at the base of the tree. At the bottom right it says, “Powered by Kiddo!”

Money raised will go to the purchase of additional robotics kits and for travel expenses to competitions. You can purchase t-shirts from the following students in Upper 7:
Ali C., Jay D., Jonah N., Jackson L., Joe W., Noah J. and Thatcher H.

Thanks for supporting the Robotics Team!

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