Mouth Revolution Video

I just got an email from my friend, Ms. Erica Priggen, who does film production. Her latest project was with Free Range Graphics, the people who created Store Wars and The Meatrix. The film is called The Mouth Revolution and I added it to the video clips on the Ecological Footprint Education site. You’ll understand how it got it’s unusual title when you see it. He!He!


  1. Catherine M said

    Hi Ms Newburn!
    I just watched the mouth revolution and i think it is really funny! It is a good way to learn about all of the disgusting things that we put into our bodies. My mom buys all organic food, but there are a lot of other things that we could eat that would be healthier! Thanks for posting all of these cool movies!
    ~Catherine M (period 6)

  2. Charlotte said

    That movie was cool. And had a good point and was funny! It’s sort of impossible to eat that healthy now though because theres alot of food in the grocery store that’s not organic and some of the food that isn’t is delicous and it’s tempting not to eat it. I usually eat organic food but more in the summer because sometimes we get food from the farmers market in the summer.

  3. Jackson L. said

    I used to be annoyed with my mom because she always buys organic food, and my friends always got chips, and proccesed food, that I thought was way better. The movie was very funny and I liked the part where they were calling out the name of “Famous” mouths. When I finished the movie and turned around my little brother who had been watching over my shoulder was sitting upside down on the floor pretending to have joined the mouth revolution. Great movie!!

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