My First YouTube Video: How-to Hoop Dance

YouTube is a free website with a tagline of “Broadcast Yourself.” It’s full of junk and gems and it has great potential to support learning.

I unknowingly created my first YouTube videos a year ago when my dad gave me a digital camera. For my sister’s birthday, I made some how-to videos on “hooping”, a dance form using a hula hoop. She emailed me asking if it would be okay if she posted the videos to YouTube, and then added, “Well, let me know if it’s a problem because I’ve already posted them.” Jessie received so much positive feedback and requests for additional instructional videos that she created a how-to hoop dance YouTube group and a Squidoo Hooping lens featuring the videos. (Click on the link to see my first YouTube video. If you want to learn how to make a dance hoop, click on her “Other lenses by me” button at the top right.)

All of the positive feedback from the dancing videos inspired me to make some math videos. I’ve received dozens of appreciative emails about the videos. Now I have two YouTube groups specifically for helping you to learn math. One group is a pre-algebra group and the other is about Vedic math, the ancient mental calculating system from India. Enjoy!


  1. emily said

    Wow! you made a video about catching a hoop!
    I think that it is cool that you figured out how to do that.
    Maybe i’ll try it some time!

  2. Charlotte from your class said

    I thought that was really cool! I have no idea what it has to do with math though. It’s more like a technique. Anyway 🙂 If i had a hoolihoop i would try it.

  3. Cameron Robach said

    I think it is cool that you made a video on “how to hoop dance”
    A weird part of the clip is the end because you were talking
    and then it just ended.

  4. Jackson L. said

    that was cool how you figured it out, but it was a little wierd how you had to go to the camera to end it. Next time, maybe one of your friends could turn it off for you.:)

  5. GYKenny said

    yep nice method .
    I have had great results also with

  6. subbu said

    I have watched many of your excellent videos. Please visit for more videos on different topics on vedic mathematics.

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    My First YouTube Video: How-to Hoop Dance | Ms. Newburn’s Math & Science Blog

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