Visit to Free Range Graphics’ Studio

After school I had dinner with a friend, Ms. Erica Priggen, from Free Range Graphics. That’s the company that made all of those amazing videos like Grocery Store Wars, The Meatrix and the Mouth Revolution.

I meet one of the company’s founders, Mr. Louis Fox, who was the Moutholution’s Che’. I kind of tilted my head a little so that I could recognize him because my view of him from the video is upside-down. (You’ll know what I mean if you watch the video.)

It was fun to scout around the studio because their office has props from various videos, including C3 Peanuts, Darth Tater’s helmet and the Moutholution’s logo. What an fabulous company that has inspired millions to make this a better world. Thanks, Louis, Erica and all of the folks at Free Range Graphics.

You can do your part to make this a better place by sharing these videos with your friends and by living the wisdom imparted in these fun clips. Links to all of these videos and more are also on the Ecological Footprint Education site.


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