TeacherTube, an Educational Alternative to YouTube

Finally someone got it together and created an educational YouTube-like site. It’s called TeacherTube.com and it was launched this month. It has 11 channels covering different subject area and has tutorials and student projects on it. Maybe you have something you’d like to share with other students to help them learn.

Here is a video that I thought was interesting called “Technology Fear Factor.”


  1. Jodie said

    Thanks for giving TeacherTube a nod on your blog. We just added a new channel dedicated to videos made by students. Their work deserves a section of it’s own, and teachers can browse the channel to see what kinds of projects and products students are producing. Check out the TeacherTube blog at teachertube.blogspot.com for all the latest on TeacherTube.


  2. fatfingur said

    Wow. I think that ste would really help a lot of people.

  3. Jackson L. said

    That was sort of odd at first, because I thought it was just about some guy typing. But I think it is true, because at my elementery school, only about 5% of my class knew about the computers and about internet saftey

  4. mad.labz said

    this is definately one of the best sites of the year

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