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Halloween is Coming

Halloween is coming and beside the overflow of sugar there is also a lot of garbage generated. Why not be original and create your own costume from things that you have or go to a thrift store and make a costume. Speaking of “make things”, here is how to make yourself into a zombie from Make Magazine. The guest artist is Eric Beck from Indy Mogul, a company dedicated to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) movie effects. Eric was one of the four gurus that was in the DIY meeting at YouTube that I went to this summer. He’s very creative. Check out some of the fun ideas on the Indy Mogul channel. I like the backyard rain machine.


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PVC Plastic Video

Here is a cool video about the dangers of PVC. The company who produced the video is Free Range Graphics. They are dedicated to creating excellent, socially responsible and educationally valuable videos at a low cost. The videos are intended to be viral, which means if you like it you share it with people and it spreads rapidly. As a result, the companies who hires Free Range Graphics only have to pay for the videos and the marketing is taken care of by concerned citizens. My friend Erica Priggen works for Free Range Graphics. At the end of last year, I had the opportunity to check out their studio and meet one of the founders, Mr. Louis Fox. Very cool!

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Safety Glasses

As you’ve been reminded dozens of times, we need to wear safety goggles or glasses in lab. I apologize for how uncomfortable they are… and still they need to be worn. For people who want to make a $3-8 investment, you can go to a major hardware store to purchase your own set. If you do, I highly recommend you write your name on them and keep them in your tote.

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Mill Valley Chamber Business Expo, October 25th

The Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Business Expo on Thursday, October 25 from 4-7:30 pm. It’s be held at the Mill Valley Community Center. Students are encouraged to attend with an adult. Adults are free with a business card. The gatekeeper has been informed that some students from the NET will be attending to learn about some of the local entrepreneurs.
Dress is business casual. We’ve discussed what this means. If you’re planning on attending, please come to school with proper attire if you are going right after school.

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Benjamin Banneker Puzzle

Benjamin Banneker (1731-1806) was born to a former slave on a farm near Baltimore. He taught himself surveying, astronomy, and mathematics. He later published several almanacs containing his astronomical observations. Banneker surveyed the District of Columbia. Here is one of his puzzles for homework. Make a guess and check table or show your work in some fashion:

A gentleman sent his servant with £100 to buy 100 cattle, with orders to give £5 for each bullock, 20 shillings for cows, and one shilling for each sheep. The question is to know what number of each sort he bought for his master.

NOTES: 20 shillings = £1; bullock = young bull
Cattle = animals in the genus bovine, includes cows, bulls, sheep, goats, swine, horses.

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Stem-and-Leaf & Box-and-Whisker Plots

Here is a nice overview of stem-and-leaf plots. It also shows you how to set it up if you have two sets of data. We didn’t talk about that particular example. You may find it valuable to look at.

Also, here is a bit on box-and-whisker plots. Read over it, if you need some extra help for Friday’s test or come in for help at lunch.

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If you want to know a lot more about the different types of scatterplot correlations, this website has it. It explains that if the points are in a linear relationship, it’s called a perfect positive (or negative) correlation. It also shows some examples of the difference between a strong and weak correlation. The data is assigned a value from 0 (no correlation) to 1 (a perfect correlation).

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