If you want to know a lot more about the different types of scatterplot correlations, this website has it. It explains that if the points are in a linear relationship, it’s called a perfect positive (or negative) correlation. It also shows some examples of the difference between a strong and weak correlation. The data is assigned a value from 0 (no correlation) to 1 (a perfect correlation).


  1. Nice blog! If people understood linear correlations and statistics better, we would all be better off. Statistics would no longer be the refuge of unscrupulous politicians and opportunistic attorneys.

    Great resources on a large number of topics: congratulations!

    Best wishes, Jim and

    p.s. Michael Crichton makes some odd points in the novel “State of Fear”, but, unfortuntely, I think that some of them may be correct. One in particular addresses the banning of DDT, which he argues (in a novel) was perhaps the most irresponsible act the world has ever committed. This ban was one of the great successes of the Silent Spring era, but it has resulted in many millions of deaths from malaria. Bizarrely, the compound used to replace DDT in fighting mosquito populations is even more toxic than DDT. I consider Rachel Carson to be a hero, but the ecosystem and human healthcare have a complex, intertwined relationship, and consequences can be hard to appreciate until after the fact.

  2. Well, I have to retract my comments about DDT. There is a lot of good information that can be found on indicating that the arguments against her are truly fictitious and driven by politics and profit. So, my apologies. I should have read more first!

  3. Jordan Chavez said

    Ms. Newburn
    what does URI stand for? Anyways I think scatter plots are very easy. Can we do scatter plots more?

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