Stem-and-Leaf & Box-and-Whisker Plots

Here is a nice overview of stem-and-leaf plots. It also shows you how to set it up if you have two sets of data. We didn’t talk about that particular example. You may find it valuable to look at.

Also, here is a bit on box-and-whisker plots. Read over it, if you need some extra help for Friday’s test or come in for help at lunch.


  1. Naisha said

    I liked the pictures in each blog, they were cute. I remember each lesson too, but the box and whiskers is a litte confusing. I think its the upper quartile and the lower quartile that I don’t understand. I’ll go over it again! Bye!

  2. Ben said

    I never new that you you did not always have to have the line going from the lowest number to the highest.

  3. Ben said

    Do you always have to labe the stem and leaf plots at the top?

  4. Kyle said

    Stem and Leaf plots and Box and Whisker plots are both easy. They are just diffrent ways of displaying information. Is that what plot means? I think Box and whisker plots are better because they show more information than the Stem and Leaf plots. The Stem and Leaf just shows the data but the box and leaf plot shows the median, upper quartile, lower quartile, and the range.

  5. Kyle said

    Sorry I meant to say box and whisker plots in the 4-5 line. Not box and leaf.

  6. ras said

    I dont get box and whisker plots but stem and leaf plots are super easy

  7. Grace said

    Box and Whisker plots have never made much sense to me. In fact, I don’t understand them at all. I will look over it again and practice. I think that Stem and Leaf plots are very easy, almost too easy. It is very simple to record the data on to a Stem and Leaf plot, Rather than a Box and Whisker.

  8. Grace said

    Oh! I understand Box and Whisker plots now! HeHeHe! I GET IT!

  9. Wyn said

    I never knew about that special case box and whisker plot thing. I didn’t even know about putting the box and whisker plot part in the front of the line and that little star thing’s cool. I’ve just never seen one like that before. I gotta try that one sometime.

  10. Amanda said

    When we first went over Box-and-Whisker plots in class, I didn’t understand them at all. When I first learned about Stem-and-Leaf plots back in the 6th grade, I understood it right away. I think that Stem-and-Leaf plots are easier to understand than Box-and-Whisker plots, but now, I’m fine with both concepts!

  11. jessica said

    yaaaaaaaaa u rock my socks

  12. jessica said

    yeah u rock my socks!!!☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  13. Harrison said

    hey sorry that my comment is so late. u rock my socks 2 dudes. lol much

  14. andria said

    Box and whisker rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!lamo!!!!!!!!!

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