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Making Slime

Here is the video about how to make slime. It’s on a website by Steve Spangler. Check out his website. Enjoy!


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Reading Measurements & Unit Conversions Practice

The retake for the test on reading measurements and unit conversions will be, November 13th (Tuesday) and 14th (Wednesday) at lunch. You need to do the practice on this page and make a comment on this post indicating that you’ve done the exercises.

Reading Measurements:
1.  Reading graduated cylinders
2.  Meniscus Madness 

Unit Conversion Practice:
1.  Practice on equivalents (ex. 1 m has how many mm?)
2. Practice on Length
3.  Practice on Mass

Remember to leave a comment if you practiced and you need to retake the test. Tell me which sites you went on and if they helped.

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Scientific Slime

The fun, but messy, experiment we did today can be found on Steve Spengler’s Science site. It’s the video called “Elmer’s Glue Slime.” Check out some of the other videos. Fun! Fun! Fun!

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