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The Story of Stuff – a New Video for a New Paradigm

I hope you enjoyed watching The Story of Stuff video today. Feel free to watch it again. If you were absent be sure to watch it. Also click on some of the different topics and explore the resources and organizations working to make the shift.

Check out this website I made called Ecological Footprint. If you haven’t taken an ecological footprint quiz, I highly recommend it. It’ll show you how many planets we’d need if there were 6.5 billion people consuming like you do. It’s shocking! Also read the post about the holidays and how to make them greener. I think you’ll like some of the suggestions from my family.

Creating a sustainable system is a complex process and we all can make changes to support a green system. Tell me what you are interested in doing.


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Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibit

There is an exhibit on Leonardo da Vinci at the Metreon. There are numerous reproductions of da Vinci’s work from his drawings. Some are interactive pieces. There are also some unimpressive reproductions of his artwork too. If you’re unfamiliar with his artwork or inventions, it’s a nice introduction to the extensive collection of contributions this genius made to society. I liked the digital representation of Vitruvian Man, that’s the picture with the man embeded in a circle.

The exhibit goes through December 31, 2007.  The cost is $15.50 for students and $19.50 for adults. If you go, let post a comment and let us know what you learned and what liked about the exhibit.

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