Super Exponents Site

Here is an excellent site about multiplying and dividing monomials. 7th graders if you need a little more help I recommend watching some of the videos. 8th graders, this site is good review from last year. All the videos are hosted on YouTube so you’ll have to access it from home.

You may recognize the video author on some of the examples. 🙂


  1. anonymous said

    Very helpful! I was absent from school the past few days and Algebra is one of my toughest classes (being in 7th grade and in Honors Algebra I) so this was perfect!! THANK YOU!!!

  2. katy said

    Your website is for poop heads math is stupis im a math teacher and a science teacher like you and i dont teach anything i let the kids run around and watch T.V. so i hoped u learned something from that……….. but ur really creative for making this website and goodjob keep teaching students good cause i know if i had a kid i would want you to teach them. good website.

  3. Deby said

    I really like your website. It helped me a lot. I teach Algebra as well and I use your things in my classes all the time. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher role model i look up to you. Have a wonderful day and keep teaching wonderfuly!

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