Green Guide to Back-to-School

Yesterday I went to Hall Middle School to start getting my new classroom ready and I thought about all of you, and figured you’d be soon heading to the store to start getting school supplies. Stop and read this before you do and make sure to share it with your parents too.

I was inspired to make two websites in the last 24 hours. One is called a Green Guide to Back-to-School. It has helpful ideas on what to avoid and things to be mindful about. Make sure to look over this PDF from the Sidwell Friends School on buying school supplies with the Earth in mind. I’ll be sure to put links to some of the materials on the site so you can find them if your local store doesn’t carry them. I also created a blog called The Green School that will have ideas about how to make your school and classroom environment more green. Be sure to share it with your teachers. I’ll eventually add activities and highlight some successful projects, such as Mrs. Buono’s classes’ water education program and the subsequent installation of a water refill station. Very cool!

Have a great year and keep the planet cool buy wise choices.

Ms. Newburn



  1. Sally Selby said

    Hi Ms. Newburn! I’m the Middle School Principal at Sidwell Friends, and we are delighted that you picked up on our “Buying School Supplies with the Earth in Mind” document. I would love to know more about your school and what you’re doing – keep up the good work!

    Sally Selby

  2. ashley said

    the videos u make r sooo cool make some more on advanced algbra thank so much
    @$#ley Br@xt0n

  3. Sustainability is an issue that is important for students to learn about. It is great that you are teaching your students about sustainability through your actions. You can further inspire your students to be environmentally conscious by helping them to develop sustainability science fair projects.

  4. hostmark said

    nice and innovative teaching keep up good work

  5. dionyso79 said

    I like your blog! Especially concerning the responsibility we all have to think green when we plan and execute our lives.

    And I always appreciate someone with a true passion for the beauty of maths and science.

    Keep up the good work!

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