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How to Create a Labyrinth

Check out this site by the Labyrinth society. It shows how to draw the classic Cretan labyrinth that we drew in class today that has 7 circles. It also shows how to do a 3 and 15 circle labyrinth. Cool.

You may also be interested in looking at some of the other pages, such as what is a labyrinth? and the types of labyrinths. (Click on the right side bar to go to the different types.) You can also see some of the beautiful creations from my friend Alex Champion, including the Cretan labyrinth and Flowerwand that I walked this past weekend.

The picture below shows the Peace Labyrinth that my friends and I built in my backyard.



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Math Anxiety and EFT

Research shows that being stressed about math actually makes it harder to use your brain to learn math.¬† The stress saps your brain of memory that can be used to learn. Read this insightful article about math anxiety, but don’t despair we have a helpful tool!

Remember the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), the tapping activity, we did last week? That’s one very helpful strategy to help you release the negative emotions and stress related to math. It simultaneously supports you in opening to learning math. You can get the manual on the EFT method for free with this link. You may als want to check out their home page. It lists case studies on how EFT has supported people with a variety of issues.

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Hubble Space Telescope: The Most Important Image Ever Taken

This  beautiful video talks about the most important image ever taken by humanity.

For more amazing photos from the Hubble Space Telescope, including beautiful screen savers, go to Looking at these magnificent pictures can open you heart and remind you that you are a part of this glorious Universe.

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Vedic Math Site

Vedic math is the math of ancient India and it’s coming back in vogue. It’s an easy and fast calculating system, and one I wish we had more time to explore in class. The cool warm-up (that sounds funny “cool warm-up”) we did today was just one example of how different and interesting math can be using this approach. Check out some of my YouTube videos and other resources on my Vedic math lens. Also if you want to see the video similar to today’s warm-up, click on the “Easy Mental Mathematics” video.

There are lots of fabulous tutorials on the “Vedic Math Tutorial.” Also explore on the “Vedic Maths India Blog.” There are dozens of posts explaining how to do Vedic maths … and you may recognize a math video star! (By the way, “maths” is not a typo. Almost every English speaking country in the world says “maths,” except the United States.)

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When I was in 9th or 10th grade, my friend David introduced me to a book called “Flatland” by Edwin Abbott. It’s a short read about dimensions. A 3-D sphere visits the 2-dimensional world of Flatland and opens up new possibilities. Now someone has created a short video called Dr. Quantum Visits Flatland. I hope you like it. I sure do. The book is great too.


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