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Green Guide to Back-to-School

Yesterday I went to Hall Middle School to start getting my new classroom ready and I thought about all of you, and figured you’d be soon heading to the store to start getting school supplies. Stop and read this before you do and make sure to share it with your parents too.

I was inspired to make two websites in the last 24 hours. One is called a Green Guide to Back-to-School. It has helpful ideas on what to avoid and things to be mindful about. Make sure to look over this PDF from the Sidwell Friends School on buying school supplies with the Earth in mind. I’ll be sure to put links to some of the materials on the site so you can find them if your local store doesn’t carry them. I also created a blog called The Green School that will have ideas about how to make your school and classroom environment more green. Be sure to share it with your teachers. I’ll eventually add activities and highlight some successful projects, such as Mrs. Buono’s classes’ water education program and the subsequent installation of a water refill station. Very cool!

Have a great year and keep the planet cool buy wise choices.

Ms. Newburn


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The Story of Stuff – a New Video for a New Paradigm

I hope you enjoyed watching The Story of Stuff video today. Feel free to watch it again. If you were absent be sure to watch it. Also click on some of the different topics and explore the resources and organizations working to make the shift.

Check out this website I made called Ecological Footprint. If you haven’t taken an ecological footprint quiz, I highly recommend it. It’ll show you how many planets we’d need if there were 6.5 billion people consuming like you do. It’s shocking! Also read the post about the holidays and how to make them greener. I think you’ll like some of the suggestions from my family.

Creating a sustainable system is a complex process and we all can make changes to support a green system. Tell me what you are interested in doing.

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PVC Plastic Video

Here is a cool video about the dangers of PVC. The company who produced the video is Free Range Graphics. They are dedicated to creating excellent, socially responsible and educationally valuable videos at a low cost. The videos are intended to be viral, which means if you like it you share it with people and it spreads rapidly. As a result, the companies who hires Free Range Graphics only have to pay for the videos and the marketing is taken care of by concerned citizens. My friend Erica Priggen works for Free Range Graphics. At the end of last year, I had the opportunity to check out their studio and meet one of the founders, Mr. Louis Fox. Very cool!

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Visit to Free Range Graphics’ Studio

After school I had dinner with a friend, Ms. Erica Priggen, from Free Range Graphics. That’s the company that made all of those amazing videos like Grocery Store Wars, The Meatrix and the Mouth Revolution.

I meet one of the company’s founders, Mr. Louis Fox, who was the Moutholution’s Che’. I kind of tilted my head a little so that I could recognize him because my view of him from the video is upside-down. (You’ll know what I mean if you watch the video.)

It was fun to scout around the studio because their office has props from various videos, including C3 Peanuts, Darth Tater’s helmet and the Moutholution’s logo. What an fabulous company that has inspired millions to make this a better world. Thanks, Louis, Erica and all of the folks at Free Range Graphics.

You can do your part to make this a better place by sharing these videos with your friends and by living the wisdom imparted in these fun clips. Links to all of these videos and more are also on the Ecological Footprint Education site.

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Learn About Biodiversity: Bio DaVersity Code

Man is not alone on this planet. He is part of a community, upon which he depends absolutely. Ishmael, Daniel Quinn

Check out the latest clip from the folks at Free Range Graphics. This video is called Bio DaVersity Code and teaches about the importance of biodiversity and that humans are part of the web of life. You may recognize the plot.

Much of the ecological devastation has been caused because people don’t believe we are part of the web of life, and hence they don’t respect the Laws of Nature. I’ve been amazed over the years when I taught science that a number of my students didn’t even know that humans were animals!

If you want to read an excellent book that will transform the way you look at humans in relationship to the other creatures on this planet, and one that provides a possible vision for people as stewards of the planets, I recommend the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. It will change your life. It did mine.

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Mouth Revolution Video

I just got an email from my friend, Ms. Erica Priggen, who does film production. Her latest project was with Free Range Graphics, the people who created Store Wars and The Meatrix. The film is called The Mouth Revolution and I added it to the video clips on the Ecological Footprint Education site. You’ll understand how it got it’s unusual title when you see it. He!He!

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Global Warming and Future Possibility Videos

A friend sent me a video that Leonardo diCaprio made about global warming. I added this video and the one from Renew US to the ecological footprint website. Check it out.

While you’re on the website, fill in the number of planets it would take if there were 6.5 billion of you.

Remember to put on a sweater and turn the heat down a bit.

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