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Alternative Homework Assignments

I understand that sometimes working out of the textbook isn’t the best thing. Maybe you don’t have your textbook with you and you want to get your math homework done. Perhaps, the assignment is a bit dry and you’d like something more engaging. Well, you’re in luck. There are alternative assignments you can do.

1. The mini-quiz should be about the topic we’re studying in class.
2. The quiz should be 6-10 problems long depending on the difficulty and length of the problems. Around 3/4 of the question should be from the current topic.
3. There needs to be at least one multiple choice question.
4. The answer key with the problems worked out needs to be a separate sheet. (It can be a scratch piece of paper.)
5. You need to get someone to take the test. Then you need to correct the test.

You can create a mini-poster on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.
1. The poster needs to explain the current topic.
2. The explanation must be original.
3. The poster needs to have a title.
4. The poster needs to have some color and be neat.
5. You need to have a minimum of two worked out examples. More would be expected for a relatively easy topic such as reciprocals.
6. Show your poster to a classmate. Write “Corrected by: _____.” Have your classmate to sign off that she agrees with the explanation and accuracy of the examples.

1. It may not be a good idea to do a poster on a concept that you aren’t very familiar with since the book practice may be more helpful.
2. Only one poster may be submitted per week.


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