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Converting Fractions to Decimals to Percents

The eighth graders are reviewing converting fractions to decimals to percents. They need to create notes to remind them of the process and they need to be prepared to explain how to do this to the 7th graders. Next week the 8th graders will have to teach the 7th graders, then there will be a pair quiz on Tuesday consisting of an 8th grader partnered with a 7th grader. So be prepared!

Here are some YouTube videos to support you:

1. My (MVMS) famous “Decimals to Fractions” YouTube video

2. NASAConnect Percents, Fractions and Decimals video – a fairly basic video; if you really struggle with this concept, you may want to start with this video

3. Fractions to Decimals

Here is a website that I created about fractions. Go to the module that says “Fun Fractions Games and Practice.” The following games will help you practice:

a. Equivalent Fractions Game

b. Quia – Equivalent Fractions Concentration

c. BCC Saloon Snap Fractions, Decimals and Percents Card Game.

Enjoy… and good luck on Tuesday’s quiz.


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Pi Day Fun

Pi Day Songs

We have some wonderful singers in math 7. If you’d like, you can download the lyrics to the pi songs we sung. For people who chose to write a song about pi for homework, I will be recording podcasts of the top 5 songs from math 7, including Mr. MacDonald’s classes. These songs and the lyrics will be posted on the class blog and on my professional blog. If you are interested in having your song considered, please let me know by Wednesday. We already have 2 excellent submissions.


For people who are interested in learning how to make a hoop or how to hoop dance, you can find excellent information on my sister’s websites. You’ll recognize the dancer on Ms. Jessie’s sites.

Thanks for bringing in the pies and making it a fun Pi Day.

* Tech Tip: My sister is an excellent speller, and she realizes that some people aren’t. She intentionally uses several common misspellings in her websites for search engine optimization (SEO). If someone misspelled “hula hoop”, then they wouldn’t necessarily find her site, but since she includes both the correct spelling and incorrect spelling more people can find her pages. I’m a bit more particular and like things spelled properly; however, I will use include common misspellings in my tags to help people find my math sites.

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Fractions to Decimals Song

Here’s a Math 7 classic song, “Fractions to Decimals.” Feel free to sing along at home.

The key to changing fractions to decimals is that you need to understand what the decimals mean. For example, 0.9 is 9 tenths, 0.07 is 7 hundredths and  0.103 is one hundred three thousandths. If you’re not solid with this skill, come in and get help.

Decimals to Fractions Song
Decimals to Fractions
Decimals to Fractions
Say it. Write it. Simplify it.

– Sing to “We Will We Will Rock You” by Queen
Lyrics by Yours Truly, Ms. Newburn

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