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MVMS Student Investing Club

If you enjoyed the stock market project, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to join the MVMS Investing Club. The club is open to all students and will meet  Thursdays at lunch in my room starting this week. We’ll be learning about the stock market and investment strategies. Teams of students will be participating in a 10-week stock market simulation activity where you will have $100,000 to play with. Fun!

Financial experts will periodically join us to share investment strategies and tips – not “insider tips” though. We also hope to take a field trip to the Pacific Stock Exchange. Besides knowledge about investing, my personal interest is in the Law of Attraction and sharing tools on how to increase abundance in your life.

So bring some friends and your lunch and join us on Thursday.


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Financial Literacy

There are a number of resources available to help you learn how to be financial savvy. Talk to your parents or other people who know about saving and stocks. Let them know about the stock market project we’re doing and get free financial advice!

I wish that our school system focused on financial education and being a conscious consumer. Check out this article about American debt. It has some amazing statistics, such as 43% of American households spend more money than they earn. In plain math terms, earnings < spending = DEBT!

One super valuable piece of advice I have for you is that when you get a raise, keep your spending habits the same and invest the extra money from the raise. Most people get a raise and start to spend more and their lifestyle gets bigger than their income. Uh-oh.

To help you make intelligent financial choices, I created Money “Cents” for Kids, a lens for parents, kids and teachers. It has resources and games, and stuff for your parents too.

Remember the “Rule of Three” that we talked about the first day of school? I included that on this site. Imagine what a positive impact we could make if everyone taught several friends the Rule of Three. Make a commitment to tell three people this week about it.

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