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TeacherTube, an Educational Alternative to YouTube

Finally someone got it together and created an educational YouTube-like site. It’s called and it was launched this month. It has 11 channels covering different subject area and has tutorials and student projects on it. Maybe you have something you’d like to share with other students to help them learn.

Here is a video that I thought was interesting called “Technology Fear Factor.”


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Ms. Newburn’s Math MySpace

Yes, the rumors are true. I created a MySpace and Facebook account. I’ll get around to making them more functional this weekend. I appreciate all of you who have been offering suggestions on how to make it a more attractive site. I’d love to use these sites as vehicles for sharing interesting stuff about math and learning.

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Exponents: Zero, Evaluating & Negative Exponents

Here is a video explaining why any number to the zero power is equal to one.

Careful: -2^0 = -1.

You may also be interested in watching this video by Nutshell Math on exponents and using substitution and evaluating expressions that have exponents.

Here is another explanation of negative exponents. We’ll be covering more on negative exponents next week. It’s a good idea to watch the video to get a preview.

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Teacher Website, Retakes & Candy Math

The MVMS website is down probably until Friday. If you need to access the homework  website, go to This link will take you directly to my home page.

Remember, retakes are Thursday at lunch or after school.

Did you try Candy Math? I think you’ll like it. Why does it work?

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